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Choosing the right business attire is almost as important as choosing the right career!  In a pool of candidates where all other qualifications are equal, the "shiny apple" (most polished person) will always get the job.  ALWAYS - regardless of  industry.

It's because we've been taught that a slick package denotes high quality.  Cars, perfume, jewelry, people - the nicer it looks, the higher you can expect to pay for it.

Want to command the highest salary in your position?  Then dress the part in the appropriate business attire for your industry.  Whether you're in a traditional field like banking, have an artistic job like interior designer, or work with people, like teaching, there's an industry "uniform" for your positon.

Learn it, wear it, and make more money.  It's as simple as that.  Learn more about business attire here:

Business attire for women
Business attire

There are lots of great places online to shop for business attire for women.  Need more help in determining which office attire works best for your industry?  Business Wear Magic can help.

"So what is a lady scientist to do? I think you provided those of us who do not have to dress for business meetings and who work in messy work conditions with some very valuable information You more than earned your book fee!"

-Lisa Winkler


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