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When was the last time you looked in the mirror -- and loved how you looked?


When was the last time you felt really comfortable with your weight?  With your appearance?  With yourself?


If you’re carrying extra weight, it may have been a while. For while nearly two thirds of Americans are overweight and nearly one in six worldwide is, our weight-obsessed western culture has very little tolerance for plus size people. Regardless of their education, credentials, or personality, overweight men and women are treated with less respect, date less frequently, and are often paid less than their smaller-sized counterparts – and it can all take a big toll on their self-confidence.


“The biggest obstacle larger-than-average workers face is prejudice,” said Miriam Berg, president of the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination in a recent interview on CareerBuilder.com.  “The second biggest obstacle is the fact that many large people believe that prejudice themselves.”


I’ve seen it myself countless times. Most of the overweight people I know fall into two categories:those for whom their size is not an issue, and those for whom it is the biggest issue in their life. The former tend to succeed regardless of their weight; the latter see their weight as an obstacle to success.


Which one are you?


Do you:


  • Turn yourself out properly every day in clothes that fit and make you feel good…or are you waiting until you’re a smaller size to allow yourself that privilege?
  • Have a closet full of clothes in your current size that fit you properly…or do you have a mish-mash of sizes that constantly remind you of failed diets? 
  • Like to shop for new clothes each season…or do you avoid shopping, knowing you’re not going to like the sizes you’ll need or the body you’ll see in the dressing room mirror? 
  • Maintain your hair and makeup because it makes you feel good…or do you spend an inordinate amount of time on your hair and makeup because you hope that if you look great from the neck up, no one will notice how you look from the neck down?
  • Keep current with news, events, and items of interest so that you can always engage in scintillating conversations…or do you always tend to talk about your weight or your latest diet? 

Recognize yourself in any of these?


Remember: people treat you how you treat yourself.


If you don’t feel you’re worthy enough to warrant the time, energy, or expense of a proper appearance, neither will anyone else.  If all you can talk is about your weight, then that’s where you’ll draw the most attention.


Plus size style from Igigi.comPeople are amazingly compliant: they’ll look where you tell them to look through your words and actions.

So it stands to reason that if you move beyond your weight, so will everyone else.  If you wear clothes that flatter your body and draw attention your face, that’s where people will look.  If you use some sleight-of-hand tricks that make you look taller and trimmer, people will think you are taller and trimmer.  If your apparel fits well and is perfectly acceptable for the situation, people will find you perfectly acceptable, and get right down to business.

I’ve seen it time and again to know it’s true.


A small size is no guarantee of success and happiness in life; good skills, self-confidence, and a polished appearance can often take you much further.


But how can you feel confident in a body that you don’t especially like?



A Head-Turning Solution


It’s really quite simple.


If you dislike how a room in your house looks, you don’t have to tear it out and rebuild from scratch in order to make it presentable when a coat of paint and re-arranging the furniture can make such a big difference.  The same applies to you:  why wait until you drop some weight to look good when changing a few clothing and accessory elements can make such a big difference in how you look and feel?


Yes, the proper clothes can make that big a difference.  In fact, once you know what to look for, you can use clothing and accessories to create all sorts of illusions that make you look:

  • Taller and slimmer 
  • More agile and graceful 
  • Less bulky, more curvaceous 
  • More current, less dated 
  • …or whatever you like 

Plus Size StyleMy tele-seminar, Plus Size Style: A Woman-Size Guide to Looking Great shows you how. In this fun, fast-paced 60-minute audio seminar, we go where few image resources have gone before to show you how to use clothing and accessories to create a head-turning, confidence-building style that will be the envy of women of all sizes. 


You’ll learn:


  • The three most common mistakes plus size women make that sabotage their self-esteem and keep them from looking their best.
  • The three best tools you can have in your dressing arsenal that make all the difference in how your clothes look and fit.
  • The clothing elements that can make you look taller and trimmer if employed correctly – or shorter and heavier if done wrong.
  • The one simple rule for buying clothes that will always serve you well.
  • The role color can play in your quest to dress-for-success.
  • Specific guidelines each body shape can use to highlight or camouflage assets or trouble spots.
  • The best clothing styles and accessories for the plus size woman, from tops and trousers to swimsuits and shoes.
  • What to wear when you’re in the process of losing a lot of weight that won’t break the bank.
  • What you can do today that will make you look and feel better tomorrow. 

These are the questions that hit my inbox on a regular basis from women all over the world who want to look good but aren’t quite sure how translate what they see on miniscule fashion models to their own plus size bodies.  Fortunately, it’s not rocket science.  The rules for dressing well are simple and you can learn them all in Plus Size Style: A Woman-Size Guide to Looking Great. 



"Informative Yet Encouraging"

"Yes, I've been able to download the PLUS SIZE STYLE seminar and I must tell you that I think, once again, that you have shown a great understanding not only for fashion but for the needs of women who don't meet the 'ideal' figure, as it is portrayed in today's media or in fact today's world. Combined with lots of common sense and worded in such a way that you are 'talking with' rather than 'at' a person, makes for an informative yet encouraging document, and I commend you for it.

"It is so full of common sense."

Rosemary Parry-Brock
Victoria, Australia


Whether you’re age 20 or 80, wear a size 14 or a 6x, you’ll discover all sorts of sleight-of-hand tricks that you can use to visually shave off pounds and look like you dropped weight overnight.  Not only will you be delighted with how much more respect you’ll suddenly be accorded once you employ these handy tricks, you’ll never tire of hearing, “You look great!  Have you lost weight?”


Your Invitation


Plus Size StyleThis information was originally presented as a tele-seminar. We had people from all over the world on the call, but several who couldn't make it begged me to make the recording and transcript available so they could learn as well. After some considerable nudging, I've decided to do just that.


You'll get to listen in as we tackle some of the tough emotional issues facing plus size women.  Then we roll up our sleeves, clean out our closets, and start to build a wardrobe that makes you look and feel your best, including the clothing elements that will highlight and camouflage what you want to show off or hide.


So if you’re ready to look and feel great – and send your confidence through the roof -- you’ll want to download this seminar.  By the time you finish listening and reading, you’ll have some easy, actionable ways to start looking and feeling better the very next day.    


This package includes the fill-in-the-blanks handout that was used during the tele-seminar, the recording that you can listen to at your leisure on your computer or Mp3 player, and the transcript of the call.  I also include pictures and other resources for further study.


So if you’re ready to look great regardless of your size, download a copy of the Plus Size Style: A Woman-Size Guide to Looking Great seminar right now for just $21 .


And as with all of my products, you get my 100% money-back guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with the materials, just say so and I’ll refund your purchase.



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