Petite Style: The Art of Illusion

When Famous Petites
 Want to Look Taller,
Here's What They Do

Learn These Tricks and
Height Will Never Be an Issue Again


Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950'sHelena Rubenstein. Gloria Swanson. Judy Garland. Elizabeth Taylor.

What do they have in common, besides fame and fortune?

They were all petite, under 5’4. In a world were height is often equated with power, these lovely ladies ignored the rules, showcased their assets, and laughed all the way to the bank.

So can you…if you learn how to package yourself correctly.

Let’s face it: being short can be tough.

I know, because at 5’5”, I’m the tallest woman in my family. My mother and sisters often complained how unkind the world was to shorter women. Not only could other people be rude and dismissive, few shops in our hometown carried petite sizes. All three of them learned to sew so they could make clothes that fit them correctly.

So I know your pain and frustration well, and know that if you’re shorter than 5’4”, I can almost guarantee that you’ve:

  • Had trouble finding jackets and pants with the right sleeve and hem length 
  • Wondered where you can find dresses that fit you correctly in the bust and hips 
  • Been challenged to find proportionally correct pieces that don’t overwhelm your small frame 
  • Had trouble finding outerwear that didn’t dwarf you 
  • Wondered why trendy big accessories didn't look right on you 

The reason?

You’re not average!

The fashion industry offers the bulk of its merchandise in "standard sizes" for women sizes 4-14, 5'4" to 5'8" in height (European sizes 34-44 and 1.63-1.73 m), who also have an hour-glass shape. Because so many women fit these parameters, this is the most profitable ready-to-wear market. 

But if you fall outside those parameters, your choices decrease rapidly. So you know that 5’10” gorgeous "Amazon" you work with? She has as much trouble finding clothes as you do! Who knew you’d have THAT in common? 

But the solution is close at hand. 

Petite Secrets You Can Master 

My mother was an award-winning interior designer who knew the art of illusion well, and wasn’t afraid to use it – especially on herself! Which is why when she stood next to people in her 5’1” glory, the first thing they’d often said to her was, “Wow, I could have sworn you were taller.”

That’s the same reaction you want.

Because when people are mesmerized by your talent, skill, and presence, height never enters into the equation. You’re treated like an expert and leader, not like a child who can’t be taken seriously. Oh, yes – I’ve seen that. I’ve known petite women who played up their small stature with pastels, pearls, and bows…and paid the price in their paycheck.

Don’t do that. Learn how to harness the power of dressing correctly so that like 4’10” makeup mogul Helena Rubenstein, you can command an army of sales people, or like 5’2” Elizabeth Taylor, you can have men chasing after you for years.

You can learn to do that in my brand new Seminar, Petite Style: The Art of Illusion.

During this 45-minute recorded conference, you’ll learn:

  • The Top 5 things you need to consider as a petite woman 
  • The best styles for your body shape 
  • Easy ways to look taller 
  • Clothing combinations that pack a punch 
  • What to look for in each garment you purchase 
  • Which colors and fabrics to avoid 
  • Myths you may have bought into 
  • What to consider as a petite plus 
  • Accessory tricks to master 
  • What shoes make you look taller…and shorter 
  • Where to shop for petite clothes 
  • Why some taller women should shop petites (I do!) 
  • …and so much more! 

Being petite isn’t a barrier to success unless you make it one. Find the styles, colors, and fabrics that suit you best, and enjoy all the success that comes with being well-dressed, whatever your height. Or, continue to be frustrated in the dressing room and board room by trying to figure things out for yourself. The choice is yours.


Your Invitation


Petite Style SeminarThis seminar was originally presented a few years ago. We had people from all over the world on the call, but several who couldn't make it begged me to make the recording and transcript available so they could learn as well.  After some considerable nudging, I've decided to do just that.

If you’re ready to put the petite “issue” to rest once and for all, you’ll want this information

We talked about the challenges of dressing your petite frame, exposed the myths many women have about dressing petite, and zeroed in on the clothing and accessories you should be wearing to create a powerful presence. You want people to be surprised by your height when they stand next to you, not discount you ahead of time because of your small stature. Big things come in small packages. Petite Style: The Art of Illusion will show you how to create a big presence.

This package includes the fill-in-the-blanks handout that was used during the tele-seminar, the recording that you can listen to at your leisure on your computer or Mp3 player, and the transcript of the call.  I also include pictures and other resources for further study.


So if you’re ready to look great whatever your height , grab a copy of Petite Style: The Art of Illusion  right now.

And remember, as with all of my products, you get my 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the materials, just say so and I’ll refund your purchase.


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To Dressing Well at Any Height,

Diana Pemberton-Sikes

Diana Pemberton-Sikes

P.S. You can command respect and attention regardless of your height. Discover the petite style secrets that will have you turning heads in no time!

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