"How to Use the Beauty Secrets
of the World’s Most
Unforgettable Women
to Look Good, Feel Great,
and Get What You Want" 


Is Your Daily Beauty Routine Helping
-- or Hindering Your Goals?


Cleopatra bathed in milk scented with honey and lavender.  Elizabeth I wore awe-inspiring makeup. Coco Chanel created the best-selling fragrance of all time.


Each woman had big goals and used the beauty tools at her disposal to reach them. While beautiful skin, heavy makeup, and a signature scent may not have been the only reasons they were able to dazzle emperors, kings, and the couture market, the beauty products certainly didn’t hurt – or we wouldn’t still be talking about them all these years later.


No, all of these history-makers knew a secret that only a handful of women ever fully understand: that while beauty is in “the eye of the beholder,” a smart, charming woman wrapped in a beautiful package can go just about anywhere she wants to go. She doesn’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous for people to think that she is; an average-looking woman with above-average grooming and a sense of humor can become as much of a man-magnet as Scarlett O’Hara at the barbecue.


So what tools in your beauty arsenal are you exploiting to get what you want? Great hair? Beautiful skin? A lipstick to die for?


Or nothing?

 Have you mastered using those gorgeous eyes you were blessed with to captivate people and draw them in, like Charlize Theron and Elizabeth Taylor? Or have you decided that because you don’t wear a size six anymore that no one cares about your eyes?

 Are your distinct eyebrows inspiring every woman you know to rush to their salon to copy your look, like Audrey Hepburn or Brooke Shields? Or are your brows so unruly that you’ve got a Cro-Magnan uni-brow going on?

 Is your skin so soft and supple that people want to touch it, like Scarlett Johansson or Iman? Or do you wear long sleeves year ‘round to cover those rough elbows and bumps on the backs of your arms?


 Do you have full lips and a dazzling smile that people can’t seem get enough of, like Angelina Jolie or Oprah? Or are your teeth so bad you cover your mouth every time you laugh?

 Is your posture and manner so refined that everyone thinks you went to a finishing school, like Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn? Or do you slouch so much you have joint and back pain?


For many women, beauty routines fell by the wayside somewhere along the way of trying to cope with a demanding job or care for a growing family. Stress-relieving facials, pampering manicures or a killer but hard-to-maintain haircut are but distant memories of a more self-indulgent time. Or, if you do manage to sneak in a little time for yourself every now and again, you feel guilty about it.


It’s unfortunate.


Because how well – or how poorly -- you present yourself to the world can have a huge impact on how well you’re treated, the type of mate you attract, and even how much money you make.


In fact, studies reveal that women who take care with their appearance:

 Are perceived as being more competent than women who don’t


 Are more likely to be promoted than women who don’t


 Typically earn 20% more than women who don’t


If you’re not having the impact you want or making the kind of money you think you should be, a change in your grooming habits might be in order.  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be dramatic or expensive. A new hairstyle, skincare regime, or makeup routine could be all it takes to create the effect you want to get those doors swinging wide open for you.



What? Think those “glory days” are behind you because you’re of “a certain age?” Think again. Maturity and experience still count for something these days, and if it comes in an attractive package, age doesn’t matter.


A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, regardless of her age. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to polish the beautiful woman inside you, by finding or re-discovering your greatest assets and using them to your advantage so you can enjoy all the benefits you deserve. Get more attention, make more money – hey, the choice is yours.

Ellen Barkin knows all about Beauty at Any Age
George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Brad Pitt
Ocean’s Thirteen premiere
at Cannes, May 2007

Fifty-something Ellen Barkin claims
her looks are “an acquired taste.”
With her impeccable grooming and sassy, street-wise personality, she’s attracted the notice of 
these  connoisseurs…

Beauty at Any Age shows you how.



There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

--Helena Rubinstein



 Beauty at Any Age

Beauty at Any Age answers the many hair, makeup, and skin care questions I’ve received from my clients and readers over the years concerning their daily and seasonal routines.

from “What color should my hair be?” to “Does anyone really look at your feet?” to "Where can I get great deals on makeup and skin care?" Beauty at Any Age answers many of those questions you've wanted to know but never asked.


From head-to-toe you’ll learn:

 How to determine the best hairstyle for your face shape and hair type


 The best hair color for your skin tone


 How to care for your skin in different types of weather and as you age


 The best ways to treat acne and rosacea


 How to choose the right color of makeup for your skin tone


 Basic makeup techniques anyone can master


 Why and how to adjust your makeup as you age


 Which of the five eyebrow shapes is right for you


 Quick, easy ways to get a beautiful smile


 How to get soft, touchable skin at any age


 What hair you should remove on your body -- and how


 How to do and maintain a manicure, even when you travel


 The different scents you should have in your perfume wardrobe


 Where to get perfume custom made


 How to stand, walk, and climb stairs like a lady

Once you’ve downloaded and read through Beauty at Any Age, you may be astounded by what a big different a little adjustment to your grooming routine can make. From finding a hairstyle that works with your hair type to learning what products to use on your skin, you may start seeing your makeup drawer in a whole new light – and save yourself a fortune in products.


But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have said about the information in my previous image ebooks:



"I didn't what I was doing until you came in my life with some serious education. I gradually changed all of my wardrobe. I am amazed with all the compliments. They don't say, "It is a really pretty blouse." They say, "You look WONDERFUL. My fashionable daughters told me I have never looked better. They looked in my closet, and said they wouldn't change a thing except that I should have more. I don't want more. I did accept a cashmere black turtle neck sweater for my 77th birthday this month.

Thank for the bottom of my heart!"
Ruth Ganley
Atlanta, GA

"I was a bit dubious about ordering your book because I've been let down by E- books in the past. I need not have worried. Your book and articles are everything you claim, common sense with great fashion instinct. Thanks for the help."

I got your ebook downloaded and I love it!! Your suggestions are so simple and yet make so much sense. I have looked into my closet a million times and said how can I have so many clothes and nothing to wear? The more I read the more I said...Oh Yea. It's just like a light went off in my head and now I can't wait to get started. Thanks you so much, I have been praying for some help like this for a long time. So you see, you have answered my prayer.
Cheryl Eldridge
Appleton, WI

Filled with tons of illustrations, pictures, and resources to help you learn and understand easily, Beauty at Any Age may become one of the most-referenced books in your digital library.

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, working from home, chauffeuring kids, going to school, basking in the limelight, or quietly enjoying your retirement, you’ll see just how easy it is to adjust your beauty routine to look younger, feel better, and accomplish your goals.


Discover savvy insider tips like:

 The traps hair stylists lead you into to get you to spend more money


 How skin tone is used to determine hair color


 What hairstyle elements compliment each face shape


 Fun, easy ways to use hair pieces and hair extensions


 How your skin ages and how to care for it as the decades pass


 Whether high priced-products are worth their price


 How to adjust your makeup for different occasions


 Step-by-step makeup application


 How to tell if your makeup has gone bad or been contaminated


 Great eyebrow tips, whether you’re trimming them down or building them up


 How fixing your smile can make you look younger


 Sun care and self-tanning 101


 How to get rid of pesky skin problems like scars, rough skin, and those bumps on the back of your arms


 The best length and color of nails for your occupation


 How to care for your hands so you don’t get age spots or big veins


 What to do about annoying foot problems like bunions and cracked heels


 How scents and different perfumes can impact your mood


 The easiest way to look taller, thinner, and younger: stand up straight!

Once you’ve read Beauty at Any Age, you’ll quickly understand why you use some products every day while others end up in a shoebox under your sink. You’ll learn how to save money by reading the label, and how to avoid buying things that won’t work on your skin type. You’ll be able to customize your own beauty routines without being unduly influenced by trends, over-zealous stylists, or the latest “must-have” celebrity favorite.



I wanted to thank you for your terrific newsletter. It is always so informative and has helped me to dress better, consider purchases and refine my style. I was pulled to the front at a large design group function recently where the speaker was Dawn Waldrop. We had been asked to describe our appearance in two words, my description was professional and creative which was exactly my look according to the expert! I tend to love flower skirts and color but finish it off with tailored tops and great boots.

What I have found is I am spending less money, looking better and have a smaller but more versatile wardrobe. I shop at a discount/new and used clothing outlet for some wonderful deals. Just recently a new cashmere designer coat in rich purple for only $6 Canadian! I checked it out on the web, Madison Avenue Studio $1000 US. Love it and fits beautifully!!!

Thank you for all the valuable information and extra confidence!!! to dress with success and style!!!

Warmest regards,
Debra Quartermain
New Maryland in NB, Canada

What Exactly Are You Going To Receive
When You Order Beauty at Any Age Today?



 Beauty at Any Age

The main manual of the Beauty at Any Age package is 149 pages of meaty material that takes you through your grooming routine from head to toe. From hair color to pedicures, rough skin to white teeth, you’ll find the best hair styles, skin care, and beauty products for your needs, and learn how to adjust them as the decades pass. You’ll find all sorts of tips and tricks you’ve probably never seen before – I know because I’ve looked.


In addition to the manual, you’ll also three very special, EXCLUSIVE bonuses that further enable you to hone your beauty skills, including:


EXCLUSIVE Free Bonus Gift #1

Beauty on a Budget ($10 value)


Like to look great but hate to spend tons of money? You’re not alone! Use this report to discover:



 Beauty on a Budget

 The easiest way to reduce your makeup bill and still enjoy department store products


 When and where to get fashion freebies, from designer brands to drug store favorites


 How to save on regular beauty routines like hair color, pedicures, and more

With a little practice and some digging, you can look great, trim your budget, and save a TON of money on products and services.  



EXCLUSIVE Free Bonus Gift #2

What Are You Really Putting on Your Skin? ($5 value)


Ever read the label of a makeup or skin care item and wished you’d paid more attention in Chemistry class?   Don’t worry. This mini “cheat sheet” offers:



 What Are You REALLY Putting on Your Skin?

 A layman’s translation of some of the most popular terms, like whether they moisturize, clog pores, etc.


 Other names these ingredients may be known by.


 What products to look for to care for different skin types.

Just make some notes of what to look for and what to avoid, and you can “talk shop” with the best of them when it comes to product labels.



EXCLUSIVE Free Bonus Gift #3

The Benefits of Aromatherapy ($10 value)


People have used plants throughout history to cure ailments, get rid of pests, and soothe the soul. You can, too. Discover which common plants and essential oils can:


 The Benefits of Aromatherapy

 Soothe and tone the skin to combat sunburn and other irritants


 Aid in relieving congestion for colds and bronchial ailments


 Relax muscles and relieve cramps

If you don’t know a lot about aromatherapy or the many properties of the fruits and plants that are probably sitting in your house right now, you maybe surprised at how close at hand relief could be.


In all, you’ll receive nearly 200 pages of material to help you find the best products and beauty routines to help you look and feel great, whatever your age or budget. As you’ll see, you don’t need a lot to bring about a positive change; you just need to find the right colors, styles, and products for you.



Thank you so much. I've learned so much from the book. Many of my constituents think I've spent money from an inheritance or secured a loan...ha! If only they knew...
Arnaca Buggs
Atlanta, Georgia


By the way, I wanted to let you know how helpful all the information in your books and e-zines has been to me, personally. Since beginning my job in June, I have been promoted to Office Manager, asked to speak at Board Meetings and Luncheons, invited to attend Nursing school at the Center's expense, and just received a rarely given payraise! While much of it is due to a strong work ethic - I believe my wardrobe has definitely helped. As a counselor I am to dress casual, which you and I both know does not mean slobby. My attire is definitely more appropriate than that of my much younger peers who still believe that ratty jeans and flip-flops are fine for the office. Many of them have been there for years, and not one has been asked to speak before the board, or been offered the opportunities I have. And many of them are better qualified counselors than I, with Masters Degrees in psychology and sociology. Just thought I would share that little story with you!

Looking forward to the new books!
Laura Benish
La Porte, IN


So How Much is This Going to Cost?


If you’re like most women I know and consult with, you’ve probably spend hundreds for hair cuts that you hated or products that didn’t work. Have a shoebox full of unused makeup sitting under your bathroom skin? How about pictures chronicling all the bad hair cuts and hair colors you’ve tried over the years? Hey, we’ve all made mistakes. But you don’t have to continue to do so. Help is at hand.


If you hired an image consultant to help you find your best hairstyle, skin care routine, and makeup options, as I do walking you through in Beauty at Any Age, you could expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour, depending on where you live and the consultant’s level of expertise.


But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that to grab a copy of this handy ebook.


In fact, you can download it right now for a very budget-friendly $24


Just think about it: if this ebook saves you from one bad hair cut or one bad department store makeup purchase that you couldn’t return, it will have paid for itself. Once you stop buying into routines and products that don’t work for your body, lifestyle, or budget, you’ll realize what a terrific investment this information is.


What If You Don't Like It?

Then return it! If Beauty at Any Age doesn't fully meet your expectations, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked. I happen to think it's an exceptional resource that you'll turn to time and again, but if you don't, just give it back. If you're not happy, then neither am I.


Is that fair or what?

Here's How to Get Instant Access

Beauty at Any Age is a 149-page ebook available in PDF format. That means that if you have a Mac or PC, you can purchase this ebook for immediate download for use with the Adobe Reader that's probably already on your computer. You will also need a copy of the free WinZip utility since the ebook and bonus reports come bundled in a zipped file.

 Beauty at Any Age  Beauty on a Budget  What Are You REALLY Putting on Your Skin?  The Benefits of Aromatherapy

This ebook and bonus reports are currently not available in hard-bound format.

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Warmest Regards,

Diana Pemberton-Sikes

Diana Pemberton-Sikes


P.S. Why waste money on hairstyles you hate or makeup and skincare you don't use?   Stop making beauty "mistakes"!  Harness the power of the best beauty secrets of the ages.  Grab a copy of Beauty at Any Age today!

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